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Casandra D. Salgado

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Office  Haines 109

Casandra Salgado's dissertation examines how race and class intersect to shape ethnic identification; perceptions of discrimination; and attitudes toward immigrants among New Mexico's long-standing Mexican American population.

Fields of Study

Race and Ethnicity; International Migration; Social Stratification



Salgado, Casandra D. 2015. "Racial Lessons: Parental Narratives and Secondary Schooling Experiences among Second- and Third-Generation Mexican Americans." Race and Social Problems 7(1): 60-72. doi: 0.1007/s12552-014-9136-z

Reprinted in Race, Equity, and Education: Sixty Years from Brown (2016), edited by Pedro Noguera, Jill Pierce and Roey Ahram. Springer Publications. 

Under Review 

Salgado, Casandra D. and Vilma Ortiz. “Mexican Americans and Wealth: Economic Status, Family and Place.” 

Salgado, Casandra D. “Managing Ethnic and National Boundaries: Hispanic Identification among Mexican Americans living in New Mexico.” 

Grants and Awards

2017-2018       UCLA Dorothy L. Meier Dissertation Fellowship 

2017                Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society

2016-2017       UCLA Collegium of University Teaching Fellowship

2016                Excellence in Teaching Award, UCLA Department of Sociology 

2015-2016       UCLA Chicana/o Studies Research Center, Dissertation Grant ($2,500)

2014-2015       UCLA Chicana/o Studies Research Center, Dissertation Grant ($5,000)

2014                UCLA Department of Sociology Summer Research Award ($3,500)

2013                UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award ($6,000)

2012                UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award ($6,000)

2011                 UCLA Department of Sociology Summer Research Award ($4,700)

2010-2015       UCLA Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship 


Dr. Vilma Ortiz (Chair)

Dr. Rubén Hernández-León

Dr. Laura E. Gómez 

Dr. Phillip B. Gonzales (University of New Mexico)


2014, C. Phil Sociology, UCLA

2012, M.A. Sociology, UCLA

2009, B.A. Peace and Conflict Studies, UC Berkeley