Major of the Month


MARCH 2017


Hometown: Beverly Hills, California

Extracurriculars: Marketing Director of Tau Sigma Honor Society

What drives your interest in sociology?

I discovered my love for Sociology in an English class – strange, right? The course focused on how people are affected by the environments they grow up in. I was fascinated by Jean-Paul Sartre and existentialism and quickly began searching for more insight on why we act the way we do. It was then I learned of the major and knew that was my passion.

The first Sociology class, SOC 1, which I took at a community college before arriving at UCLA, was unlike any other class I had taken before. My professor questioned every statement we made, started debates to get us thinking about the world around us. He didnt tell us if we were right or wrong, he simply made us think twice about what we think is normal and why it is so. When he tasked us with breaching social norms, my group and I decided to walk around pouring milk over our heads, all for the sake of Sociology. There is no other major in which a person can genuinely have fun learning and researching- that is why I love Sociology. I feel as if I am learning the secrets to society each day as I learn about what it takes to make a person immigrate, how a topic becomes viral online, how to analyze a workplace. Sociology is, simply put, exciting.


What are your future career plans?

The great thing about Sociology is interests differ from one person to the next. While one may go into law, another is interested in being a teacher or in my case, go into marketing. With social media on the rise, companies are becoming increasingly creative with their approach to marketing. Every month there is a new app or meme that has caught peoples attention and understanding the ever-changing interests is fun and challenging to keep up with. One must learn about a product or client, the target demographic, and how to utilize new technologies with each group.

During the summer, I began an internship with an innovative marketing company in Santa Monica. I have been able to help with campaigns for clients across the nation in the food and interior design industries along with being put in charge of creating content for social media and blogs. In the near future, I hope to work directly with clients and plan campaigns from start to finish. As marketing and business as a whole are fast-moving fields, my plans for the more distant future are still pending.


Which Sociology classes have you enjoyed the most?

Aside from the course with the milk-pouring experiment described above, my favorite class would have to be Study of Norms with Professor Reilly. Although we are not performing experiments, it’s been fun learning how norms are constructed and maintained. I have also enjoyed Comparative Immigration with Professor Waldinger – I enjoyed SOC 151 so much that I took another course with him a year later! 

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